Solidarity Donations

Since RAWA Solidarity Scotland began in 2010 we have been making regular donations to RAWA.

The money is to help them buy educational resources for the schools they run voluntarily for girls, boys and women. For the medical supplies they need to help people injured by violence, and for the food and water they need to help families that have had to flee their homes due to war.

Though relatively small amounts, we feel that a little is better than nothing and RAWA have told us that the donations are of great moral value to them – which is a reason to keep them up if nothing else!

So far in 2013 we have donated ¬£400 to RAWA but we would like to send much more. If you can help us help RAWA, here’s how to do it.

Below is the letter we received from RAWA in reply to our most recent donation:

“Dear¬† beloved supporters of RAWA Solidarity Scotland,

Many thanks and regards for your kind email informing us about your ongoing support to your Afghan sisters. We appreciate your sympathies and hard work for RAWA. The 400 pounds you’ve raised for us has a very huge moral value for us and we thank each and everyone of your for it.

Many thanks again for your continuous support and show of solidarity.


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