How to Help RAWA

As a feminist organisation struggling for freedom, democracy and women’s right with a clear anti-fundamentalist stand, RAWA has been deprived support from governments, the UN and NGOs.

As a result RAWA rely heavily on individual donations that they recieve from supporters around the world and are extremely grateful for any help you can give.

Make a Donation

You can make a donation to RAWA by sending funds to the following Bank of Scotland account:

Account name: RAWA Solidarity Scotland

Sort Code: 801194

Account Number: 06002722

Please email to let us know that you have made a donation at: RawaSolidarityScotland[at]

Join your local RAWA Solidarity group

Get involved with a RAWA Solidarity Group or start one in your area.

For details on how to get involved with the group in Scotland see the ‘Get Involved’ section of this website.


Organize a fundraising campaign with the help of like-minded friends/colleagues to collect donations for RAWA’s humanitarian projects.

Raise Awareness

Introduce RAWA and its activities to individuals, groups, schools, universities, organizations, and other congregations in your community and raise awareness on the plight of Afghan women.

Host a RAWA Speaker

Urge different institutions in your area to invite a RAWA representative to speak on the situation of Afghan women and RAWA efforts, to inform people about the women’s rights tragedy in Afghanistan.

Get writing

Give coverage to reports on Afghanistan and Northern Alliance and Taliban crimes in your publications, or somehow make people in your community aware of them. Write articles and letters to major media of your town and country.


For those who know Persian and/or Pashtu, translate RAWA writings and articles for us into major languages, particularly English. There is also a need to translate articles on RAWA web site into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or any other language.


Organise gatherings, meetings, seminars, etc. to highlight the situation of Afghan women under the fundamentalists.


Find art galleries, museums or any other such centers to host RAWA photo exhibition. RAWA Solidarity Scotland has a RAWA photo exhibition which can be borrowed if you would like to put it up somewhere.

Send Supplies

Help our schools with any and all school supplies, our medical teams with medicines and medical supplies. Donate computers for our training courses for women and children. Donate films with progressive and anti-fundamentalist themes (preferably with sub-titles in English) for our resource centre for anti-fundamentalist, human rights education.

Donate camcorders, digital photo cameras (preferably in small size for hidden use), or any other special equipment for RAWA’s documentation center. We need many such eqiupment to film and photograph the atrocities against women in Afghanistan.

Email RAWA for a list of the most needed medicines and supplies: rawa[at]

Send Supplies to:


P.O.BO 374

Quetta, Pakistan


Write to authorities voicing your protest and support for RAWA in events of government or non-government violence against our organisation.

Protest against the ongoing war in Afghanistan led by the US and NATO. Organise a demonstration, a sit-in, or a strike against the war.

Sponsor a child

Sponsore a child in a RAWA orphanage throguh CharityHelp

Come up with ideas of your own on how you can or would like to help RAWA!

Thanks in advance for your support and sympathies with your Afghan sisters. RAWA poster

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