The Northern Alliance

The “Northern Alliance” is a military-political umbrella organization which was created to unite several disparate armed Afghan groups together to fight against the Taliban. These armed groups, often referred to as Jehadies, were initially in power from 1992 – 1996.

During these years the different groups fought against each other, creating a state of civil war, and decimating the civilian population. According to international sources, anywhere from 65,000 to 80,000 innocent people were killed in Kabul alone and tens of thousands were injured and maimed. The armed groups raped young girls and women; tortured ethnic minorities; and pillaged national assets and public property.


“Kabul was bathed in blood and burned to ashes during the Jehadi criminals rule. The armed groups of Dustom, Gulboddin, Ahmed Shah Masoud, Rabbani, Sayyaf and Khalili are the main criminals. Today the majority of these murderers have joined together under the banner of the
“Northern Alliance”. The West is treating them as allies. The people of Kabul will never forget the years of atrocities. Some forces may conveniently turn a blind eye to their evil actions, but history is not blind.”

The U.S decision to back the Northern Alliance in its efforts against the Taleban in 2001 marked a major reversal of the alliance’s fortunes, and they have now once again regained power. Unfortunately for the Afghan people, the leaders of the Northern Alliance have no ideological difference with the Taliban, except that they are not openly anti-American.

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