Under the rule of the Taliban


After the overthrow of the Sovietinstalled puppet regime in 1992 the focus of RAWA’s political struggle was against the Taliban and their incredibly ultra-male-chauvinistic and anti-woman orientation in particular.

Under the Taliban, women’s right to full participation in social, economic, cultural and political life was completely denied.

Despite the oppressive conditions, RAWA risked torture and execution to continue its work. Determined to expose the
frightening abuses of the Taliban, women began to hide video cameras under their burqa and document the executions and public floggings which took place every day. They smuggled female journalists into the country, in the hopes of bringing attention to their cause.

RAWA also ran clandestine home-based schools for girls, undermining the rule that women were not allowed to attend school.

“We teach hundreds of women and children in the underground schools in
Afghanistan. For children, we teach mathematics, physics, chemistry,
Persian, science, social studies and the history of Afghanistan; also, the
geography of the world. For adult women, we just teach them two main
subjects — mathematics and Persian. When women go to the shops, they
don’t know how to pay the shopkeeper and get change, because they have
been denied an education.”
– Fatima, a member of RAWA

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