Meena (1956 – 1987)

meenaMeena Keshwar Kamal, commonly known as Meena, was an Afghan feminist and activist. She is recognised by many as the founder of RAWA. She was instrumental in helping to establish schools for refugee children, a hospital, and handicraft centres to generate income for refugee Afghan women in Pakistan.

At the end of 1981, by invitation of the French Government, Meena represented the Afghan resistance movement at the French Socialist Party Congress. She also visited several other European countries at this time.

Her active social work and effective advocacy against the views of fundamentalists and the Russian-backed Afghan regime provoked the wrath of the Russians and Afghan fundamentalist forces alike and she was assassinated by agents of KHAD (Afghan secret police) in Quetta, Pakistan, on February 4, 1987.

Meena gave 12 years of her short but brilliant life to struggle for her homeland and her people. She had a strong belief that despite the darkness of illiteracy, ignorance of fundamentalism, and prevalence of corruption, democracy and women’s rights could be achieved in Afghanistan.

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