The beginnings of RAWA


In 1979 RAWA led a campaign against the occupying Soviet forces and the Soviet backed Afghan government, organizing numerous demonstrations and meetings in schools, colleges and Kabul University to mobilize public opinion.

Despite the horrors and political oppression, RAWA’s appeal and influence grew in the years of the Soviet occupation and a growing number of RAWA activists were sent to work among refugee women in Pakistan.

To address the immediate needs of refugee women and children, RAWA established schools with hostels for boys and girls and a hospital for refugee Afghan women and children in Pakistan with mobile teams. In addition, RAWA conducted nursing courses, literacy courses and vocational training courses for women.

In 1981 RAWA launched Payam-e-Zan or “Women´s Message”, a bilingual magazine which raised awareness of women’s issues in Afghanistan. Publication of this magazine is on-going and by-issues are available in Urdu and English for non-Persian/Pashtu speakers.

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