The March edition of Peace and Justice News puts the spotlight on Women and Violence. After the mass protests of One Billion Rising on International Women’s Day last month it became clear that so much needs to be said on this topic.

Therefore our features this month all approach the topic from different perspectives. Varsha Gyawali and William Duncan both remind us that the cost of conflict falls disproportionately upon women. However, Varsha points out that women must also be recognised as combatants in some conflicts, and that women also have a hugely significant role to play in peacemaking, since for many women peace means much more than simply the absence of armed conflict. On the other hand William describes for us the particular wrongs committed against women both during wartime and afterwards. It is therefore appropriate that our final feature is from Anne Scott, secretary of Scottish WILPF who writes about why it is so important that the Arms Trade Treaty includes references to the specific violence faced by women and girls in conflict.

This month our Unsung Heroes feature looks at those who work to help women who have been victims of violence a little closer to home- Nicola Chuhan looks at Edinburgh Women’s Aid. Our reflection too looks at violence which is too often overlooked, and even excused in our culture, Helen Harris considers the media coverage of the Steubenville rape case.

And of course we have Centre News, News from around the movements, and, this month, two reviews looking at the activism of two extraordinary people.

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